Transcending the barriers of art

Pantelis Vitaliotis/Magneto is a Creative Director, Graphic Designer, and Visual Artist always searching within, with no fear holding back his desire to expose what he discovers lying in his subconscious. After dabbling in different forms and shapes of art, it is now the canvas of a silk scarf that plays the part of a talisman to his new obsessions. This project marks the artist`s shift into a more intimate relationship of his creations with their audience, breaking the gap between artwork and viewer. His unisex designs are printed on 100% silk from Soufli, a traditional silk processing town in Northeast Greece and offer the chance to either be treated as a work of art to frame, or a work of art to wear.

The artist`s restless graphic design DNA is evident in the way he masters to convey the objects or geometrical shapes he chooses to depict in a three-dimensional manner, protruding from the silk`s surface to the viewer`s space: Metallic chains and spheres, nooses, knots, hoops, playboy bunnies, a pile of cocaine, alternate with forms and shapes of relative weight and a soft/bold color play, all treated in a detached, code-like manner, handled only by their symmetry and usefulness to the end result of his frame.

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